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Science Essay Samples & Examples

Free sample science essays written for high school and college assignments. These essay assignments are useful references for students who have to write papers for a lab science class such as biology, chemistry, or physics. Summaries of each essay are provided here, with word and page counts. Samples include a variety of topics from the search for Dark Matter, the oxidation process and explosions, the transmission of viral hemorrhagic fevers and more.

Examining Bovine muscle fibers - Sample biology lab report

This example high school biology lab report contains all the parts of a typical lab report, such as the Abstract, Data, and Results sections. In this sample science essay, a team of students dissected bovine muscle fibers to learn about their functions and structure. The students learned then compared what they found to their knowledge of human muscle fibers. This example biology paper would be a useful reference for a student who needs a template for a similar lab report.
952 words / 5 pages

Sample biology theory paper: Charles Darwin On the Origin of Species example essay

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection change how we thought about the world. This sample science paper examines Darwin's theory in-depth and discusses the various aspects of the theory that appear in Darwin's work On the Origin of the Species. This sample biology theory paper would be a good reference for a student who wants organize a paper about a scientific breakthrough.
1,546 words / 6 pages

Dark matter, the enigma - Sample physics paper

This example physics research paper discusses dark matter, which is thought to make up most of the mass in the universe. This sample physics and astronomy paper discusses both baryonic and non-bayronic dark matter, and where it tends to be found. As for non-bayronic candidates, this sample physics essay looks at neutrinos and the scientific efforts taken to detect them. Well-organized and concisely written, this sample essay would be a good reference for any student who is unsure how to approach writing a term paper for a science course. From physics.byu.edu (PDF)
2,313 words / 9 pages

Transmission and manifestation of Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers - Sample biology research paper

This example biology essay analyzes the group of exotic and deadly diseases known as Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (VHF). It explains how the VHF viruses are primarily hosted by rodents and mosquitos and are transmitted to humans. It further discusses the more potent VHF viruses like Ebola and Marburg. This sample virus examination paper also looks at symptoms that are associated with the VHF diseases. It would be a good reference for a student who wants to write a biology paper on deadly, incurable viruses. From ukessays.com.
1,590 words / 7 pages

Energy transfer processes and ATP - Sample AP Biology essay answer

This example AP Biology sample essay was written in response to an essay prompt which asked the writer to explain how various energy transfer processes functioned in the cell. It also asked the writer to explain how ATP was involved in the various process. This sample high school biology essay discusses cellular movement, Chemiosmosis, and fermentation and provides detailed explanations and examples for each process. It also includes a breakdown of points and a copy of the original prompt. From angelfire.com.
606 words / 2 pages

Light reactions of photosynthesis for C3 and C4 plants - Example AP Biology essay answer

This sample AP biology essay was written in response to an essay prompt which asked the writer to describe the various light reactions of C3 and C4 plants to photosynthesis. The writer is also supposed to discuss leaf anatomy and biochemical pathways about each type of plant. This example lab science essay describes how light is absorbed by the attenna pigments of Photosystems I and II, explains what happens when carbon dioxide interacts with the stomata of a plant and how a C4 plant anatomy is called a Kranz anatomy. This essay also includes a breakdown of points and the prompt. From angelfire.com.
690 words / 2 pages

The effects of chlorine exposure - Sample chemistry essay

This sample chemistry research paper delves into the widespread use of chlorine and what can happen when the human body is exposed to it. It cites several scientific studies, notes how chlorine exposure has been reduced in the workplace and the use of the methyl orange procedure to test for chlorine. The paper also suggests that the positives that chlorine brings may outweigh its negative side-effects. While it could potentially be better organized, this sample laboratory science paper would be a good reference for a student who wants to analyze a well-known chemical substance in detail. From oxbridgewriters.com.
1,716 words / 5 pages

Searching for gravitational waves - Sample physics research paper

This example physics research paper discusses the search for gravitational waves, which were first discussed in Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. While gravity waves have not yet been discovered, this sample physics term paper explains the various methods in which scientists have been trying to find them. The sample science paper discusses the use of resonant mass detectors and interferometry. In general, this paper is very good, though it can be improved in a few areas. It could use a better description of gravity waves in the introduction and could have a better conclusion. Finally, this sample lab science paper needs to cite more print, peer reviewed articles. From physics.byu.edu. (PDF)
2,725 words / 10 pages

The oxidation process and explosions - Sample chemistry paper

This example lab science essay explains how oxidation process is used to create explosions and then applies this chemical process to its use in modern weaponry. The sample applied chemistry paper explains how the various chemical compounds were developed and how they were made safer. It also explains the difference between high and low explosives and their historical development. This paper would be a good reference for a student who wants to examine a chemical reaction and track its use in the modern world. From ukessays.com.
1,229 words / 5 pages

Theories on the origins of the solar system - Example astronomy essay

Who will rule the earth - God or Satan? The answer depends upon who can win the soul of Dr. Faust. This sample film analysis essay looks at F.W. Murnau's 1926 film, Faust - Eine deutsche Volkssage, which is considered one of cinema's greatest horror masterpieces. The sample essay examines Murnau's depiction of the forces of light and darkness, as well as his use of shadow to illustrate the further corruption of the characters. This example movie analysis paper would be a good reference for a student who wants to examine the use of lighting in a film.
1,783 words / 6 pages

Galapagos Island Seamounts - Sample geology research paper

This sample geology and oceanography essay describes how newly emerged Galapagos Island seamounts are affecting scientific theories on accepted tectonic and speciation models. This example geology essay notes that the discovery of drowned islands off the coast of Costa Rica might explain the speciation of iguanas on the Galapagos. This sample science essay cites numerous scientific studies and is backed by a lengthy bibliography. From frank.mtsu.edu.
973 words / 6 pages

Acoustic charge transport - Example physics term paper

This sample physics research paper explains how acoustic charge transport (ACT) is helping to revolutionize electronics. This paper tracks the development of ACT and the production of excitons. This example physics essay suggests that ACT could be used to replace charge-coupled device systems, which are commonly found in cameras. The paper also suggests uses in optoelectronics. It would be a good reference for a student who wants to organize and write a well-composed science essay. From physics.byu.edu. (PDF)
1,595 words / 8 pages

Momentum and collisions - Sample physics essay

This example physics paper discusses an experiment which tries to determine the theoretical velocity of a ball bearing gun. The writer's hypothesis was that the total change in the momemtum of the two-particle system was zero. This sample lab science paper applied the law of conservation and momentum to determine the muzzle velocity of the ball bearing gun. This essay provides the data that was gathered during the experiment and the results of the hypothesis. This essay lacks proper formatting, but could be used as a reference for organizing lab reports. From solidpapers.com.
641 words / 3 pages

Properties and uses of helium - Example chemistry assignment

This short sample chemistry paper describes the discovery, properties and uses of helium. It explains when helium was first identified, how it can be cooled to near absolute zero and why it is more preferable to hydrogen to inflate balloons and other objects. While this sample lab science paper lacks a reference page, it can be a useful reference for organizing a paper on one of the noble gases. From echeat.com.
714 words / 2 pages

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