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Art and Film Essay Samples & Examples

Free sample college essays written for visual and performing arts classes. These essay assignments are helpful for writing essays and reports about art, music, and film. Summaries of each essay are provided here, with word and page counts. These examples include analysis of Martin Scorsese's The Departed, an in-depth examination of Beethoven's "Moonlight" Sonata, and more.

Battle of the Crime Films: The Departed vs. Infernal Affairs - Sample world cinema paper

Organized crime is a popular film topic in both the East and West. This sample comparative film essay looks at Martin Scorsese's The Departed, and compares it to the original Hong Kong version, Infernal Affairs. This example film review essay looks at how both movies deal with religion, family ties and how cultural differences shape key scenes. It would be a good reference for a student who wants to analyze a foreign film and a later American remake.
1,684 words / 5 pages

The Beach Boys, Dick Dale, and other Surf Music legends - Example musical genre analysis paper

The "age" of Surf Music was short, but memorable. During this time, changes in technology helped bring about a new "surf" sound which was popularized by bands like The Beach Boys. This well-written sample genre study essay examine show the Surf Music genre developed and grew. This example music paper contains several in-depth discussions of particular songs like "Wipe Out" by the Surfaris, "Surf City" by Jan and Dean, and "Surfin' U.S.A." by the Beach Boys.
2,439 words / 9 pages

Gothic architecture and its connection to God - Sample art history essay

The Gothic Cathedral in Chartres, France, the various churches and sculptures of Bernini, and the ancient churches of Ravenna, Italy each have their own unique architectural and religious themes. By examining how the architecture and faith interact, this example art history essay explains how the interaction of faith and art can be found in each work. For example, this sample essay explains how the placement of windows in a Cathedral evoke a higher spiritual meaning. This sample college art and architecture paper would be a good reference for students who have taken a travel course and want to express what they have seen on paper.
1,838 words / 7 pages

Vsevolod Pudovkin's The End of St. Petersburg - Sample Russian film analysis essay

Pudovkin's 1927 film The End of St. Petersburg, chronicled the story of a nave Russian farmworker who journeys to St. Petersburg and is ultimately transformed by political revolution. This example film critique paper examines how Pudovkin uses montage and parallel editing for symbolic effect. As this sample foreign film analysis explains, "The End of St. Petersburg remains a testament to Pudovkin's directorial brilliance, exemplifying both his technical prowess and his ability to transform reality on film."
1,120 words/ 5 pages

Michael Mazur abstract art exhibit - Sample postmodern art analysis essay

Michael Mazur has dabbled in a variety of media for over forty years. One of his abstract paintings Seasons was on exhibit when this sample abstract analysis paper was written. This example essay thoroughly interprets Seasons, examining how Mazur themes seem to transfer between each depiction of the various weather changes. It also analyzes Mazur's use of watery paints and his concept of time in the work. It would be a good reference for a student who wants to closely analyze art that was created after 1945.
1,462 words / 5 pages

Beethoven's Not-So "Moonlight" Sonata: Example classical music analysis essay

Beethoven's "Moonlight" Sonata is misnamed - it is instead an intricate and tumultuous expression of hope versus despair, and their never ending conflict. This excellent sample performing arts essay breaks down Beethoven's work and examines the prevailing musical themes. "What is expressed evokes the sense of something human, a sense of suffering, or toil, perhaps, against some nebulous darkness," the author explains. It would be a good reference for a music student who wants to to express what they hear in the piece on paper.
2,961 words / 8 pages

Two films, different worlds: Zhang Yimou's The Road Home vs. Wong Kar-Wai's In the Mood for Love - Example comparative film essay

This sample world cinema essay compares two films, one from China, the other from Hong Kong. While the two countries share a border, the films take on much different qualities. This sample comparative paper notes that while both films have a central romantic narrative, they differ in their approach to the concept of time and social commentary. It would be a good reference for a student who wants to compare the styles of culturally different filmmakers.
1,034 words / 3 pages

Shakespeare, Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet - Film Analysis Essay Example

This example Shakespearean film analysis paper was the final project for a college junior Shakespeare course. This sample final project examines critical writing about Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet (1997), a four hour long epic. The essay examines how various critics have analyzed the film, from Freudians who think Branagh's film fails to repress the play's sexual tension, to Shakespeareans who like how the political elements have been kept in the movie. It uses extensive quotations to suggest why Branagh's film is among the greatest Shakespearean films ever made. This would be an excellent reference for someone who wants to write a critical summary of an acclaimed film.
2,129 words / 8 pages

David prepares for battle against Goliath - Example sculpture comparative essay

This sample art comparative essay examines how stop Bernini, Donatello, and Michelangelo interpret the biblical story of David versus Goliath. Each master sculptor depicted David but with different approaches to his age, demeanor, and physiology. This example college art paper also examines how the various depictions of David reveal the religious symbolism in the biblical story. It would be a good reference for a student who wants to see how art and religion intersect.
563 words/ 2 pages

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel - Sample short art essay

This example short college essay looks at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It compares how the ceiling paintings, called pendentives, are linked to a wall painting that depicts the Last Judgment. This sample college short paper would be a good reference for a student who has been given an image a work and wants to discuss it.
418 words/ 2 pages

F. W. Murnau's Faust - Sample German expressionism film paper

Who will rule the earth - God or Satan? The answer depends upon who can win the soul of Dr. Faust. This sample film analysis essay looks at F.W. Murnau's 1926 film, Faust - Eine deutsche Volkssage, which is considered one of cinema's greatest horror masterpieces. The sample essay examines Murnau's depiction of the forces of light and darkness, as well as his use of shadow to illustrate the further corruption of the characters. This example movie analysis paper would be a good reference for a student who wants to examine the use of lighting in a film.
1,033 words / 5 pages

The works of Caravaggio - Example art short essay

This sample college art short essay examines various works of Caravaggio to see how the Italian master uses his work to make powerful religious statements. While the essay starts a bit abruptly it makes several interesting points about the relationship between the church and God. This example art paper would be a good reference for a student who wants to organize a short essay.
322 words/ 1 page

Sci-Fi Movies vs. Science-Fiction Books - Sample Comparative Essay

This sample comparative essay, "The Reality of Science-Fiction", examines how science fiction movies depict aliens far differently than how they are described in sci-fi novels. Written for a college freshman English class, this science fiction assignment uses strong visual examples from multiple sources to persuade its audience.
895 words 4 pages

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