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The Essay Thesis Statement

Whether you are writing a high school essay or college argumentative paper, the quality of your essay is largely determined by your thesis statement. This is because your thesis informs whoever is grading your paper what your essay is about. Therefore, it is important you be clear and precise. This section includes sample thesis statements from actual assignments.

Building a thesis
One of the best ways to improve your thesis statement is to use a technique called "Although, because, because, because." When you plug your ideas into this thesis template, you can write a thesis for almost any topic.

The "although" part of the template is your counterargument. You start with this part to show the opposing side of the argument. The three "because" sections tell your teacher why your side is correct.

Here's an example thesis from a college paper on Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis.

Although Gregor's transformation ultimately leads to his death, the change rejuvenates the family - it restores the father's health, allows him to lead the family, and gives Grete the chance to develop into a woman.

The "although" part of this paper discusses how some argue Gregor Samsa's transformation into a large insect only leads to negative consequences for his family. However, the rest of the thesis, the "because" sections, present evidence to the contrary.

Essay Thesis Variants
Of course, the template can be modified to fit your needs. Sometimes, your teacher may want the thesis statement to come first, or may tell you that an entire paragraph can count as your thesis. Regardless, you should have one statement that stands out which reveals where your essay is going. The thesis is a roadmap for the rest of your paper.
Thesis Tip
Some people choose to write their essay first and then rewrite their thesis. This technique works if you have an idea what you want to write but don't want to get caught up on one sentence.

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